What is Game Creator?

Game Creator is an ecosystem that gives Unity developers a world class technology platform from which they can build games that work seamlessly across multiple platforms quickly and efficiently.

In this pages you'll learn everything you need to start using Game Creator like a PRO.

Why should I use Game Creator?

Whether you are an indie developer aficionado or a Unity guru, Game Creator works for you.

For non-developers

  • Game Creator is packed with a full featured Visual Scripting Tool that allows to create complex interactions using user-friendly and non-technical elements such as Hotspots, Actions, Events and Triggers
  • Save & Load the state of your game using the variables

  • Use the Character component to bring your characters to live. Define simple patrol patterns, make them chase the player or create entire daytime routines!

  • Give your games a professional look using the Camera Motors, which allow to change the camera behavior in real time! For example, you can use an adventure camera to follow the player and switch to an animated camera to show that awesome sword inside the chest the player just picked!

For developers

  • Extendable open API to create custom Actions with built-in tools to make the process even faster
  • Integrate it with your favorite tools (like PlayMaker, UFPS, ...)

Missing a feature? Open an issue in our help desk and we will help you.

How do I get started?

In this pages you'll learn everything you need to start using Game Creator like a PRO.

There are a couple of ways you can get up to speed on making games with Game Creator:

  • Watch the video tutorials (8 min)
  • Read this documentation

Feel free to send us a message at with your feedback.

Game Creator Screenshots

SC.1: A Trigger linked to an Event and an Action

SC.2: The entrance of the demo in the Editor

SC.3: Playground scene for the Character Navigation module

SC.4: Handles of a Railway camera type of the Camera

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