Events have been renamed as Conditions on version 0.7.1.

Event components a little bit more complex than Actions; they allow to check for conditions and branch from execution threads.

(Example of an Event that checks if a chest is open or not)

Even if the concept seems complicated, it's actually fairly simple: Imagine you have a Chest that the player can loot. This Chest should only be looted once.

Upon clicking it, if it's the first time, the player gets some items. Otherwise a message can be prompted stating that the chest has already been looted.

Anatomy of an Event

Events work much like Actions, but instead of immediately being executed when called, they perform a set of checks before deciding which action to call (if any at all).

(Event anatomy: Interactions contain pairs of Conditions - Actions)

An Event follows the following process:

  • Check the first Interaction

    • If all Conditions are true

    • Then executes its Actions

  • If not all Conditions where true, jump to the second Interaction

    • If all Conditions are true

    • Then executes its Actions

  • ...

  • If any of the Interaction's Conditions was true, then execute a special Actions

Only one set of Actions will be called in an Event. If the first Interaction's Conditions are all true, only its Actions will be executed and the rest of the Interactions won't even be checked.

Events are hard to get at the beginning. For a more comprehensive explanation, watch the following tutorial.