Triggers are used to fire Actions and Events when something happens. This something can range from the player pressing a certain key to an NPC's entering a certain area.

Triggers are executed from top to bottom. First the Events and then the rest of the Actions.

Advanced Options

At the bottom of the component there's an Advanced Options foldout. You can specify a minimum distance from which the Player has to be for this trigger to be activated.

This is specially useful when dealing with pickup items or interactive doors.

There's also a shortcut option to create a Hotspot component from within the Trigger.


Some times you'll want a Trigger to execute an Action only once. You can easily take advantage of an Action's DestroyAfterFinishing property to destroy both the Action and the Trigger.

To do so, simply add an Actions component inside the same Game Object where the Trigger is. After executing the Actions, it will destroy the entire Game Object.