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Game Creator comes with an audio manager that automatically manages and optimizes the creation and decomission of audio sources. There are 4 different types of audio channels, each with its own volume slider and properties.


Ambient sounds are what one could also call background music or ambience. It's a looped tracked played in the background, and can be diegetic or non-diegetic. For example, a battle music track, the chirping of birds in a forest, or the sound of a waterfall.

Play Ambient Instruction

Use the Play Ambient Instruction to play an audio clip as an Ambient sound. It will keep playing until a Stop Ambient Instruction is executed.

Sound Effects

Sound Effects (also known as SFX) are one-time clips played at a very specific time. The majority of sounds on a game will be sound effects, for example: Punching a character, footstep sounds, or a slash of a sword. Most sound effects are diegetic and thus, by default expect a spatial position.

Sound Variation

To avoid the jarring effect where the same sound effect is played over and over again in a small time window, sound effects can automatically randomly alter the speed and pitch of sounds. This allows to, for example, play a machine gun sound effect, where each shot is slightly different than the previous one.

Play Sound Effect Instruction

Use the Play Sound Effect Instruction to play an audio clip as a Sound Effect. It will automatically decommision the audio source once the clip finishes playing.


UI sound effects are non-diegetic clips played when the player interacts with the user interface. For example, hovering over a button, clicking it or crafting an item after the user waits a timeout.

Play UI Instruction

Use the Play UI Instruction to play an audio clip as a UI sound effect.


Speech clips are very similar to Sound Effects with the difference that they are bound to a Character, so that a specific character can only play one speech clip at a time.

Play Sound Effect Instruction

Use the Play Speech Instruction to play an audio clip as a Speech sound effect. If another clip is was being played on the same target, it will stop the previous speech and play the new one. This is useful when the user skips conversations.