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Data Structures

Advanced Data Structures (also known as ADS) are generic data structures that help better perform certain tasks.

  • Unique ID: Uniquely identifies an object with a serializable Guid.
  • Singleton: It ensures there's zero or one instance of a class at any given moment and its value is globally accessible.
  • Dictionary: A serializable dictionary.
  • Hash Set: A serializable Hash Set.
  • Link List: A serializable Linked List.
  • Matrix 2D: A serializable 2D matrix.
  • Tree: Generic structure that allows to have acyclic parent-child depenedencies between multiple class instances.
  • Ring Buffer: This structure is similar to a generic list, but sequentially accessing its elements yields in an infinite circular loop, where the last element connects with the first one.
  • State Machine: A data structure that allows to dynamically manipulate a state machine and define logic on each of its nodes independently.
  • Spatial Hash: An advanced data structure that allows to detect collisions of any radial size inside an infinite spatial domain with an O complexity of log(n).