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One of Game Creator's main systems is the Character. It represents any interactive playable or non-playable entity and comes packed with a collection of flexible and independent features that can be used to enhance and speed up the development process.

Main Features

A Character is defined by a Character component that can be attached to any game object. It is organized into multiple collapsable sections, each of which controls a very specific feature of this system.

Some of the most noticeable features are:

  • Player Input: An input system that allows to change how the Player is controlled at any given moment. Including directional, point & click, tank-controls, and more.
  • Rotation Modes: Controls how and when the character rotates. For example facing the camera's direction, its movement direction or strafing around a world position.
  • World Navigation: Manages how the character moves around a scene. It can use a Character Controller, a Navigation Mesh Agent, or plug-in a custom controller.
  • Gestures & States: An animation system built on top of Unity's Mecanim which simplifies how to play animations on characters.
  • Inverse Kinematics: An extendable IK system with feet-to-ground alignement or realistic body orientation when looking at points of interest.
  • Footstep Sounds: A very easy to use foot-step system that mixes different sounds based on the multiple layers of the ground's materials and textures
  • Dynamic Ragdoll: Without chaving to configure anything, the Ragdoll system allows a character to seamlessly transition to (and from) a ragdoll state.
  • Breathing & Twitching: Procedural animations that can be tweaked at runtime which change a character's perceived exertion and breathing rate and amount.

Player Character

The Player character uses the same Character component as any other non-playable character but with the difference that it has the Is Player checkbox enabled. A Character with this option enabled processes the user's input based on its Player section.

Shortcut Player

Note that when creating a Player game object from the Hierarchy menu or the Game Creator Toolbar, it ticks the Is Player checkbox by default.

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