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One of Game Creator's main systems is the Character. It represents any interactive playable or non-playable entity and comes packed with a collection of flexible and independent features that can be used to enhance and speed up the development process.

Main Features

A Character is defined by a Character component that can be attached to any game object. It is organized into multiple collapsable sections, each of which controls a very specific feature of this system.

Some of the most noticeable features are:

  • Player Input: An input system that allows to change how the Player is controlled at any given moment. Including directional, point & click, tank-controls, and more.
  • Rotation Modes: Controls how and when the character rotates. For example facing the camera's direction, its movement direction or strafing around a world position.
  • World Navigation: Manages how the character moves around a scene. It can use a Character Controller, a Navigation Mesh Agent, or plug-in a custom controller.
  • Gestures & States: An animation system built on top of Unity's Mecanim which simplifies how to play animations on characters.
  • Inverse Kinematics: An extendable IK system with feet-to-ground alignement or realistic body orientation when looking at points of interest.
  • Footstep Sounds: A very easy to use foot-step system that mixes different sounds based on the multiple layers of the ground's materials and textures
  • Dynamic Ragdoll: Without having to configure anything, the Ragdoll system allows a character to seamlessly transition to (and from) a ragdoll state.

Player Character

The Player character uses the same Character component as any other non-playable character but with the difference that it has the Is Player checkbox enabled. A Character with this option enabled processes the user's input based on its Player section.

One Player per Scene

There can be only one Player character per scene. You can use the Change Player instruction to change who the Playable character is, but at any given time, just one Character might have the Is Player checkbox ticked.

Shortcut Player

Note that when creating a Player game object from the Hierarchy menu or the Game Creator Toolbar, it ticks the Is Player checkbox by default.