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Game Creator has a built-in custom animation system built on top of Unity's Mecanim that makes it easier and faster to manage character animations.

It introduces the concept of Gestures and States, which are two mechanisms that allow to play different types of animations without having to previously register them inside an Animator Controller graph.

Mecanim vs Gestures & States

It is preferable that users use the Gestures and States system to manage and play all their animations. However if a user prefers to use a more traditional approach, there's a base Mecanim layer that allows to use Unity's runtime controller workflow. Check the Animator section to know more about this.

Animation Flow

Gestures are animations that are played once and are removed from the animation graph when finished. For example, an animation of a character throwing a punch can be played as a Gesture; This will make a character play the punch animation and smoothly restore its previous animation after the animation finishes.

States are animations that are played on a repeating loop. For example, a character sitting on a chair is an Animation State while a character moving crouched is a Locomotion State.

  • Animation States play a single animation clip over and over again, until told to stop.
  • Locomotion States are more complex states that react to certain parameters such as character speed. Can have multiple clips transitioning and blending with each other.

Click on Gestures and States to know more about how to use them in your game.