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Character components reference a child game object called the Model which contains an Animator component. This component must referece a Runtime Animator Controller graph, that determines which animations are played when and how these transition between them.

Custom Model

Game Creator makes it very easy to change the 2D or 3D model from a character. All that needs to be done is to open the Animation section of the Character component and drag and drop the Character prefab onto the indicated drop zone.

Change Character Model

Changing model at runtime

To change the character model at runtime use the Change Model instruction.

Locomotion Runtime Animator

Game Creator comes with a default Runtime Animator Controller called the Locomotion controller. It comes packed with a collection of animations and features that fit most projects.

Changing the Locomotion controller

It is not recommended modifying the Locomotion controller. In most cases using a custom State is easier and provides enough flexibility to create new simple or complex locomotion animations.

However if you need to use a custom Runtime Animator Controller you must also creata new class that implements the IAnimim interface to feed the Character's data onto your custom controller. See Character Controller section for more information.