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Inverse Kinematics

Inverse Kinematics (IK for short) is the process of calculating the rotation of bones from a chain of bones, in order for the leading one to reach a desired position. Game Creator makes use of both limbic and full-body IK.

Character Feet IK

A common case scenario is adjusting the bending of the knees so the character naturally plants its feet on the ground.

Manage IK Rigs

The Character component has a section at the bottom that allows to manage which rigs affect the character and change their properties.

Character Feet IK

Rig order matters

The IK Rigs are excuted from top to bottom. So if two IK systems affect the same bone chains, the last rig will override any previous ones.

To add a new Rig, click on the Add IK Rig button and choose one from the dropdown list.


Game Creator comes with a few IK rigs that work out of the box: