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Feet Align

This IK Rig allows a character to plant their feet and adjust the rotation on uneven terrain. This rig also allows the hips to be lowered by a certain amount if the height difference between both feet is very large.

Character Feet IK

Only for Humanoids

The Feet Align rig only works with Humanoid characters.

Character Feet Align

The Feet Align rig has the follow options:

  • Foot Offset: An optional vertical offset applied to each foot. This is useful in cases where the foot penetrates the ground or floats above it, due to differences between the bone's tip position and skin mesh bounds.
  • Foot Mask: Allows to choose which Layers should the character consider when aligning with ground. For example, water typically has a collider component, but the character should not align its feet on its surface.
  • Align Hips: If the character is perpendicularly aligned on a very steep ramp, oe feet will be much higher than the other, making the lower leg float above ground. Ticking this option allows the character's center to be lowered so both feet touch the ground.
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