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Getting Started

Welcome to the Getting Started section. Here you will find all necessary resources to get you started with Game Creator.

  • Installation: Learn how to install Game Creator from the Unity Asset Store.
  • First Steps: Get to know the basic first steps towards using Game Creator.

Once you are comfortable with the core concepts, we recommend checking the Examples that come with Game Creator and the free Courses available on the website. If you prefer to learn in non-written format, you can also check our Youtube channel, where we upload new video tutorials.

  • Examples: Discover examples to learn from and production-ready templates.
  • Video Tutorials: A collection of courses you can take at your own pace.

We also recommend checking out the Game Creator Hub: It's a community-driven platform where anyone can download further free Instructions, Conditions and Events.

  • Game Creator Hub: Explore how the Hub can help you connect with other developers and expand the tools at your disposal.