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Visual Scripting

Game Creator comes with a unique high-level and intuitive visual scripting toolset that makes it very easy to code interactions. It only consists of 3 components:

  • Actions: A list of instructions that are executed one after another.
  • Triggers: A component that listens to events in the scene
  • Conditions: Branch off to instructions, depending on certain conditions.

Visual Scripting nomenclature

The Actions component consists of a list of Instructions. The Conditions component is made of Branches, which contain a list of Conditions and Instructions. Lastly, the Trigger component listens for a specific Event in the scene.

Apart from these three visual scripting components, Game Creator also includes Hotspots, which is a special type of component that doesn't directly affect gameplay, but highlights interactive objects in different ways: For example, making a character's head turn towards a point when near, showing a text above an interactive element, and so on.

High Level Scripting

A high-level scripting language is a methodology in which programming interactions is closer to what humans are used to use. For example, in Game Creator you can tell a character to follow a target object; freeing the user from having to think what it means to follow an object.

Game Creator Hub

Game Creator and each module comes packed with a unique set visual scripting tools. The Game Creator Hub is a web platform where community members upload free Instructions, Conditions and Events for everyone to download and use in their projects. Be sure to check it out!

Why not Playmaker

Why not both? Playmaker and Unity's Visual Scripting solution are graph-based, which tend to be closer to a programming language. If you're used to using these, you'll find these complement Game Creator very well.

On one hand, Game Creator makes it very fast and easy to structure common interactions without the need to code the low-level stuff. However, if you need more fine-grain control over some parts and you don't know how to code your own Instructions, you can use these graph-based solutions that perfectly complement the process of making games.