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A Bag is a component that can be attached to any game object, and contains Items and Currencies.


The Inventory module comes with 2 types of Bags:

  • List: Sequentially displays the items one after the other and all occupy the same amount of space.
  • Grid: Each item occupies a certain amount of cells and these can be manually arranged inside the inventory grid-view.


We recommend sticking with the List type, as it is easier to understand and manage. Grid inventory systems should be only used by experienced users.

To change the type of Bag click on the right-side arrow button and choose the type from the dropdown menu.

Bag Options

A Bag can define a Maximum Weight and a Maximum Height.

  • If a maximum height is defined, there is a maximum amount of Items it can hold.
  • If a maximum weight is defined, if the sum of all Item's weight exceeds the maximum value, the Bag is considered overloaded.

Too much weight

It is important to note that a Bag can't exceed a maximum amount of height (if any is defined). However, a Bag will still accept new Items even if its content weight exceeds the maximum weight defined.


The Equipment field is an optional value that accepts an Equipment Asset. If provided, it allows the wearer of the Bag to equip Items.

To know more about how to configure it, see the Equipment section.

Stock and Wealth

Some Bags may contain a certain amount of Items and Currency by default. For example, a Merchant may have some default stock available.

Bag Stock and Wealth

  • Clicking on the Add Stock button creates a new Stock option that accepts an Item and a certain amount of it.
  • Clicking on the Add Wealth button creates a new Wealth option that accepts a Currency and its value.

Random Loot

A Bag can also be used as a Chest where the player loots its contents. To generate random loot, we recommend using Loot Tables, instead of Stock options.

Skin UI

The Skin UI field is a UI skin asset that displays a different type of user interface that depends on what the purpose of the Bag is. For example, a Bag attached to the Player character could display an Inventory UI, while a Chest displays a UI with its content and a button to transfer all of them to the Player's bag.

Custom Skins

To know more about designing custom skins, see the User Interface section.


The Wearer selector refers to the targeted game object that wears the Bag's equipment. By default it is set to Self because the Bag is usually attached along the Character component. However, if for some reason that is not the case, you can choose which character should be targeted as the equipment wearer.