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The Crafting section both defines a way to craft the Item being examined, as well as tear it apart and dismantle it into multiple Items.

Item Crafting

There are 3 distinct sections inside the Crafting tab.


Ingredients are Items that can be used to craft the current one, or dismantle it into these ingredients.

To create a new Ingredient click on the Add Ingredient.

Item Crafting Ingredients

This will create a new ingredient entry with an Item field and the amount of those necessary.

Infinite ingredients

There is no limit to the amount of Ingredients you can create.


When attempting to craft an Item it will first check if the Conditions are sufficient. If so, it will then require a certain amount of Ingredients defined.

If there are enough ingredients, these will be subtracted from the Bag.

Empty Conditions

Leaving the Conditions field empty will always return success and means there are no conditions to craft it, outside from the Igredients.

Once the Conditions and Ingredients requirements are fulfilled, it will create a new instance of the Item and add it to the Bag.

Afterwards, it will call the Instructions, in case the designer wants to do something afterwards, such as increasing the proficiency of the Player in crafting.


Dismantling an Item is the inverse process of Crafting: Instead of creating the current Item from a collection of Ingredients, it destroys the Item and reclaim the Ingredients.

Reclaim Probability

When Dismantling an Item there is a Reclaim Chance value that determines the chance to recover each of the Ingredients. A value of 1 will always recover all ingredients, while a value of 0.5 will only have a chance to recover around 50% of them.