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To define an equippable Item, the Is Equippable checkbox must be ticked, which enables the rest of the options.

Item Equipment

When attempting to equip an Item, the Conditions Can Equip will first be checked.

If it succeeds, it will instantiate the prefab and execute the On Equip instruction list. The Prefab field is the game object prefab instantated when equipping this particular Item.

Equipping an item Unequips others

Attempting to equip an Item on a slot that is already filled by another Item will automatically unequip the current one so the new Item can be equipped.

When unequipping an Item it will execute the On Unequip instruction list.


To know more about how to define which Equipment slots are available for a character, see Equipment in the Bag section.

When executing the Can Equip conditions and the On Equip and On Unequip instructions:

  • The Self property references the game object that contains the Item being equipped/unequipped.
  • The Target references the wearer of the Bag (which usually is the same as the Bag object itself).

It is important to note that when a currently equipped item changes the value of one of its Sockets, it will first unequip it, change the Socket value and equip it again.

Execute From Parent

If the Execute From Parent checkbox is marked, the instructions and conditions from the item's parent item will be executed first (and its parent too, if the parent has Execute From Parent marked).

This is very useful to avoid repeating the same logic over multiple items. For example, if the parent type Swords contains a Property called attack and all sub-items from Swords have different attack values, there is no need for all sword sub-items to add a Stat Modifier with that property.

Instead, the Swords item can execute the common logic between all swords, and each sub-item just needs to have the Execute From Parent checkbox enabled.