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The process of transforming items into other ones is called Tinkering, which includes:

  • Crafting: Creating a single item from multiple ones.
  • Dismantling: Destroying an item in order to recover multiple ones.

To open a Crafting or Dismantle interface, use the Open Tinker UI instruction.

Open Tinkering UI

This instruction uses a Tinker Skin that determines whether the UI crafts new items or dismantles existing ones.

The Input Bag and Output Bag are the bags used by the tinker process. In most games, both bag references will match, but there might be some cases where the game outputs the new items onto another bag, from where the player can pick them.

The Filter Item field determines the type of items displayed.

Filtering by Type

Blacksmithing and brewing potions use the exact same process. The only difference between an Alchemy station and a Forge is that the first one filters the types of items to craft by Potion type and the latter filters by Equipment type.

To know more about how to create your own custom tinkering UI elements, see the Tinker UI section and the examples that come with the Inventory module.