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The Skill asset allows to very easily define Charged Attacks.

When a Charge skill starts it will enter an animation State which may (or may not) change the character's locomotion properties.

Melee Skill Charge

Charging a Slash

In this example, the player holds the left mouse button and the character enters a sheathed state in which it can't move. Upon releasing the button, the character performs the Skill attack.

Melee Skill Charge Attack Example

It's important to note that the Combo asset defines whether a Skill is a charged one or not.

Melee Skill Charge in Combo

When selecting the Charge option from the Combo asset, you'll be prompted whether to auto-release the Skill after the minimum charge or let the user specify when to release it.

It will also allow to define the minimum amount of time to charge the attack in order to have any effect.

More about Combos

For more information about Combos, see the Combos section.