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Video game characters can read their world through a wide variety of virtual sensors, such as sight, hearing and smell. These sensors have parametrized values that try to emulate the ones from the real world.

The Perception module aims to help non-playable characters understand what happens around them and organically react to different stimulus.

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The Perception module is an extension of Game Creator 2 and won't work without it

The Perception component can be attached to any game object in order to make it aware of their surroundings. This component admits four different sensors that help read the world around them:

  • Sight: Detects other objects within a vision cone and its peripheral vision
  • Hearing: Detects noises above a certain threshold
  • Smell: Tracks scent(s) and the direction where they come from
  • Feel: A sixth sense that detects other objects by proximity

Using the sensors above, the Perception component can track a wide variety of scene objects and keeps a log of how aware it is of them.

Moreover the Perception module comes with an Evidence system that allows agents to notice changes made to the world by other characters.