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The Camouflage component can be attached to any game object in order to dampen their visibility when observed by other Perception components.


The Sight Damping field is a coefficient that multiplies the resulting visibility value of a Perception component tracking this game object.

Camouflage Calculation

Let's say an enemy is tracking the Player character and it's inside its primary vision cone. This means that the character will fully see the character if the light conditions are sufficient. For the sake of this example, let's say there's a dim global light with an intensity of 0.5, so the resulting visibility of the player is 0.5.

If the player has a Camouflage component with a Sight Damping value of 0.25, the resulting visibility of the player will be 0.5 * 0.25 = 0.125. If the Dim threshold is a bigger number than the resulting visibility, the player will be invisible to the enemy.

Dynamic Camouflage

Because the Sight Damping value is a dynamic property, you have the flexibility to create a wide variety of game mechanics.

  • You can bind the value to a Local Variable to turn on or off their invisibility skill.
  • You can also bind the property to a Stat to increase their stealth skill as the player levels up.
  • You can bind it to the player's movement, so that when it's standing still the player is less visible than when moving.