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Some Perception sensors can be partially or completely blocked by scene obstacles, like sound-proof rooms or frozen-glass walls.

The Obstruction component allows to dampen the amount of Sight and Hearing of visual and audible stimulus passing through the object.


Requires a Collider

The Obstruction component requires a Collider component in order to work.

The Noise Damping field defines a coefficient that multiplies the resulting noise intensity heard by a Perception component when listening for a noise at the other side of one or multiple Obstruction components.

The Sight Damping does exactly the same for the Perception's sight sensor.

Obstruction Dampen Sight and Hearing


A Noise Damping of 0.5 means that any noise coming from the other side of an Obstruction component will be muffled by half. If the Noise Damping is set to zero the noise is completely muffled.

Blocking Sight

The Sight sensor already gets blocked by collider geometry. The Obstruction component should only be added if you want to partially block objects at the other size. For example, for semi-transparent walls.