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Points of Interest

A Point of Interest is a highlighted location that is of interest to the player.


Defining one is done by adding either the Task Point of Interest or the Custom Point of Interest.

  • Task Point of Interest: Defines a point of interest linked to a specific Task. When the task is in an Active state, the point of interest is enabled. Otherwise, it's disabled.
  • Custom Point of Interest: Defines a point of interest not bound to any specific task or quest. Useful for positioning objects that are not related to quests, such as enemies, collectibles, etc, ...

Point of Interest on Hotspot

Showing Points of Interest

A Point of Interest is automatically displayed using one of the Points of Interest UI components.

The Quests module comes with a collection of game-ready systems that you can drag and drop onto your game and they will automagically work.

For example, the Minimap prefab from the examples displays a rectangle on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Point of Interests Minimap

The Compass from the examples shows a minimalist line at the top of the screen with elements that fade in and out as they are shown on-screen.

Point of Interests Compass

The Indicators prefab displays the icon of the Task directly on top of the screen space position of the scene object.

Point of Interests Indicators

Off-Screen Indicators

By default, the Indicators prefab displays off-screen elements at the closest edge of the screen, with an arrow indicating its direction.

However, this can be disabled unticking the Keep in Bounds field from the Indicators UI component.